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April 19, 2006

Chavez's Dirty Soul

One of the ancilary members of the Axis of Evil is Hugo "the schizo" Chavez has turned a great country, Venezuala, into a shit hole. When I was in the Navy, the ship I was stationed on at the time, USS Talbot FFG-4, we made a port visit to Venezuala. We visited Caracas and I can tell you it was a beautiful city. The people were friendly and the food was good (I had one of the best steaks I've ever had there). Well, there is a Powerpoint presentation that you can download at therealcuba. It shows before and after pictures of Caracas before Chavez came to power and now. He has turned that beautiful, vibrant city into a shithole. I guess if you are a piece of shit, you want the whole world to reflect you.

I just went here and they have posted that a man named Teodoro Petkoff will challenge Chavez. He's a leftie but right now anyone is better than Chavez. I hope he does challenge Chavez. Knowing Chavez and his thugs, they will commit every low life tactic that tyrants and their boot licking thugs do to keep him from winning. They will terrorize his supporters and lie and cheat during the campaign to keep from letting someone else take their power away. I just hope Petkoff doesn't turn out as bad as Chavez if he were to win and take power. You know how lefties are.