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April 13, 2006

Comdhimmi Central

I didn't attend the rally today. I've been feeling like crud all day. You know in a way I didn't want to go anyway. I know what these ungrateful wretches want and I am not going to give them a platform to spout their bullshit. "Si, su puedes" my eye. They show signs saying that this country was founded by immigrants. It was founded by explorers. How can you immigrate to a country when that country doesn't exist yet.

You know all countries fall. I don't like to think that one day the United States might not exist anymore. This is a great country. It isn't perfect but despite all its faults, it is still the greatest country on the planet right now. If the United States was as evil as liberals make her out to be, why do so many people want to risk life and limb coming here. What comes after us, should be greater than us. It should build on us and be better than us. Even more liberty and more freedom. This fear goes to the heart of our struggle against the barbaric hordes that assail our country and all of Western Civilzation. They would form a world that is worse.

When organizations like Borders and Comedy Central cave into those evil forces, then they help make what these creatures desire come true. What they did is give in to fear and help give the Islamopignazi's a little victory. I do wonder if everyone at Comedy Central is either a Scientologist or a Muslim and I wonder what they have to do to keep the Muslims from killing the Scientologists as infidels. Do the Scientologists have to pay a Jhizya tax.

I am so disappointed in both of them. I like going to Borders and looking around. I even have a personal shopping day on account there now. I also just bought the South Park season pass from ITunes.

Tomorrow is the last day I work at the Rose Garden for the season. I might get a few shifts during the summer but with the end of the Blazers season on Wednesday, I'm effectively out of work unless I get a new job. I really do need a new job. I can't continue to work there. Tomorrow is also another martial arts practice. I still hope to be able to test up to First Brown Belt in Boise in May. I still have to re-remember the last Bird form, finish learning 5 Directional Palm and learn the Sai form. I also have to purchase a Chain Whip and a Broadsword. That's why I need a new job, so I can buy all the weapons I need, save up the money I need to go to Denver in July and start setting some money aside to go to China in 2007. I've been too lazy too long and now I need to buckle down and get a life.