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April 10, 2006

Illegal Alien Rally Here in Portland

Well I went to the Illegal Alien Rally here in Portland today. What a circus. The rally was sponsored by Portland Jobs with Justice. What a name. It just cry's limp wristed liberalism. The rally was full of kids and young people. I guess they skipped school for this. If they did skip school, I hope they get punished. There was a time when you'd get in serious trouble if you did something like this like suspension or F's. I hope they didn't get extra credit for going to this thing. Someone told me Sam Adams was there. I didn't see him since I got there late but that guy really does a disservice to an illustrious name.

That's an American flag that that Mexican flag has been sewn onto. The American flag is not subservient to any flag, especially not Mexico. These folks need us more than we need them. I guess they forgot the memo that told them to not prominently display the Mexican flag. It was everywhere. There was also the requisite Che Guevera picture on display. What is an anti-American rally without a display of that mass murdering animal.

I don't know what "Si, se puedes" means but they sure shouted it a lot.

The rally began at noon at Terry Shrunk Plaza. I didn't get there to see it start but I did get there in time to see them start walking down 3rd Street heading toward Pioneer Place. They walked down to The World Trade Center (its funny, I seem to remember when other immigrants decided to fly two airliners into the first World Trade Center in New York) where they had another rally. The requisite megaphone shouting was heard as well as other shouts of protest. Then they walked up to Pioneer Plaza for another rally. I didn't see that one since I had to head home for a little while before work.

I am having trouble downloading pictures right now so I will show some more pictures probably tomorrow or Wednesday. There is another rally on Friday at Pioneer Plaza. I plan on going to take some more pictures.