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April 09, 2006

Immigration Round 2

I worked a Taekwon do competition today at the Memorial Coliseum. It was interesting. I wanted to see what the differences were between Taekwon do and Kung Fu. Taekwon do is a lot more kicking. I only saw a few times when a punch was delivered and that was only when the sparers would start grappling in a match. Seeing some of those young people do those kicks made my knees ache just watching them. During practice, I see some of my fellow students get into some of the stances we're required to do and can't ever see how I can do them. My knees and back hurt too much. Maybe my stances will never be as deep as some of my classmates but I do what I can.

Well, tomorrow is an illegal immigration protest here in Portland. I plan to be there with my camera and I will post what I can. Lets see if these criminals and their enablers pull some of the same stunts they pulled last week. I'm glad my camera has a video feature. I'm also planning on sending in whatever images I can to Powerline and Littlegreenfootballs.

These protests are having the exact opposite effect than what the organizers want. Everyone now knows that these "protests" were organized by far left wing anti-American Communist groups like ANSWER, La Raza and MeCHa. These groups literally are out to undermine this country and institute a socialist shit hole in its place like Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuala. I don't advocate outlawing these groups because the American people need to be shown just what these groups and their minions are. They just need to be shown that they are not mainstream.

The press will not do that. Most mainstream press people are too lazy and too intellectually vacant to do the job they are supposed to do. Most members of the press are nothing but placeholders. I have a degree in Journalism and most of todays journalists I wouldn't let write at all. Most journalists today are no talent bums.