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April 17, 2006

Iran needs to be taken out

Iran was elected to co-chair the Nuclear Disarmament Conference at the UN recently. Asking Iran to chair this panel is like asking Nazi Germany to chair a panel on human rights. What a f**king joke. If this is not a reason to get out of the UN and for us to kick the UN out of this country, then I don't know what is.

The writer Amir Taheri has an excellent article in the London Telegraph that explains just what are the forces that guide the insanity of the Iranian regime. In a word, these people are crazy. These nutjobs are followers of the Hidden Imam. You know, if I had these people as followers, I'd hide too. These nutjobs believe that by hastening a war with the West, the Hidden Imam will come out of hiding and lead the world into an Islamic paradise. This thinking shows just how totally devoid of sanity these people are. How do you negotiate with these people The answer is you don't. You attack them and destroy them before they have a chance to begin implementing their plans.