Eight Drunken Immortals: The Blog

April 16, 2006


When are we going to attack Iran? Not soon enough if you ask me. Iran is a serious threat to the world that must be addressed. Even if Iran were not pursuing nuclear weapons, which is a totally intolerable situation, we should have attacked that pig sty a long time ago. Iran has had their filthy hands in all of the major terrorist activity of the past 20 odd years.

Jimmy Carter bears so much responsibility for getting the world in this mess. His incompetence allowed the mullahs to take over and turn a modern country into the shit hole it is now. Actually it makes sense that Jimmy Carter helped give the world the mullahs of Iran and the lunatic Ahmadinejad. There's not a terrorist thug or third world tyrant that Jimmy doesn't approve of. His idea of peace is a peace brought about at the end of a whip.

The idea of allowing Iran to have nukes is just plain wrong. They would not hestitate to use them against Israel and then us. Attacking them would end the threat posed by their desires for nukes, it would also ease the attacks of their terrorist pig lackeys in Iraq against our forces. I know that it is only a matter of time before we do attack them and when we do it will be on our terms and when we feel the time is right to do the most damage. We won't be goaded by that bunch of pig shit monkey boys.