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April 29, 2006

Kill Some Dictators

I don't know if anyone was looking, especially since everyone is focused on immigration, oil prices and Iran, but today Castro the Castrati, "Bugo" Chavez and the buttmonkey leader of Bolivia, "Emo" Morales, had a "meeting" and decided to form an "alliance" against the big, old evil United States. Can you imagine the conversation these asshats have:

Chavez: "Holy Frijole, de beeg bad gringo Americaan's want to keel us."
Castro: "I know but I'm too ole and stopeed to do aneeting about eet."
Chavez: "Leets get toogether an form an alliance to stop dem."
Castro: "Good idea. Led's ask Bolivia to join us."
Morales: Ariba, ariba, I'm now Cooba's and Venezula's buttmonkey."

What should have happened is when they got together, the special forces that were hiding in the building across the street should have painted them for a nice laser guided cruise missile. End Cuba's, Venezuala's and Bolivia's problems and ours.