Eight Drunken Immortals: The Blog

April 28, 2006

May 1

Well, everyone is familiar with the illegal aliens that want to conduct a boycott across American on Monday, May 1. They think that this boneheaded move is going to win them friends or scare those who haven't really thought about the immigration issue. How stupid do they think we are. They must think we are really dumb, as dumb as they are. This move will totally backfire on them. Those who haven't really thought about illegal immigration will begin to realize just how important an issue it is and they will see just what it is these jokers are trying to do. Remember, they need us more than we need them. The idea that these people are here because they will do jobs that Americans won't do is totally bullcrap. Americans, whatever race, creed or color, will do whatever jobs they have to to help their families or their lives. Please, hold your boycott or walkout on Monday. I will be there to record your shenanigans and I'm sure it will make our jobs that much more easier concerning closing the borders and stopping your criminal activities.