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April 11, 2006

Protest yesterday and its aftermath

Today the PSU College Republicans hosted Dan Flynn, the author of Why The Left Hates America. I went to see the lecture. It was extremely interesting. Flynn is a good speaker and knows his subject. What was interesting though was seeing the mealy-mouthed temper tantrums the leftists in the audience pitched when he said something that they, in their infinite intelligence, didn't agree with. Now I can say I've seen Leftists in action. These people love to say they are for diversity but they go into conniption fits if a conservative dares speaks or has an opinion. These people are hypocrites of the first order.

They spouted the usual canards. The US is evil, we are a fascist state or if not then we're turning into one, we are imperialist, yada, yada, yada. They supported Chomsky, Zinn, Michael Moore, Dingbat Sheehan. They also support Cuba, Venezuala, and by extension, Iran, North Korea and Syria. These people really do hate America. They live in a dream land that no one can else can hope to inhabit, at least those of us who live in the real world. It was a good chance for me to see just what we, as conservatives and Americans, face.

The pictures and video I took yesterday were awesome. I'm still planning on posting a few more in the next day or so. I sent the video segments to Powerline Blog and they posted it along with other video segments on their Powerline Video page. That was so cool. I kind of thought they were just being polite to me and that they really wouldn't use me stuff because I'm sure there were a whole lot better material than mine. I'm glad to be proven wrong.

I'm working tonight because I want to get out of working on Sunday. The event I'm working is a Queen concert. They might be good but Queen just won't be Queen without Freddy Mercury. The class I have on Sunday is additional martial arts training and I don't want to miss it. The calss is I Chin Ching, or Da Mo's 49 Muscle Change Classic. It was the original 49 exercises that Da Mo taught the monks of the Shaolin temple when he was teaching them Buddhism. I've had the class once before and the exercises range in difficulty from easy to really hard. Optimally you should hold each of the 49 postures for 49 breaths. That can be hard as hell for some of them. I'm lucky to get through 7 breathes for some of them. The other form we're going to learn is San He Chien.