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April 28, 2006

Random Thoughts 1

Today was just a quiet day of sitting and relaxing. I deleted a bunch of old files to make some room on my hard drive. I didn't realize how close my hard drive is to being full. Downloading video files from ITunes sure does take a lot of space.

I'm planning on seeing the movie Flight 93 as soon as I get paid. Money's getting tight again and fitting in a movie, even one I really want to see, means saving the money I need before I can do what I want. I've saved the money I need to go to Boise next week for the Grandmaster festival but I don't have anything extra. This movie must be seen by every true American. If you are a limp wristed liberal, there's no point in going. The message this movie delivers will be lost on you.

We should never forget that the subhuman animals that we are fighting will kill us if they are given the chance. We should never forget that Islam is a death cult. We should also never forget what they did to us on that day.

Leftists are the Islamopignazi's biggest ally. They give aid and comfort to them. They want us to forget everything since 9/11 in their quest for their dreams of power. They want us to forget all 3000 people that died on that day and all the people that have died fighting for us since then. Out of sight, out of mind is their belief. If we don't see it, then it didn't happen. This will make it that much easier to attack us again.

Tomorrow I have a long day of practice. We leave for Boise on Friday morning and I will test up to First Brown that evening. I also have to get my Graduate Portfolio to my committee by Thursday. I have what I need. Now I just have to print out what I have to, make copies and then organize them into a Portfolio Binder. I wish my printer were better, then I wouldn't have to go to Kinko's to print them out. Then I have to deliver them to my committee. It will be one busy week. Wish me luck.