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May 08, 2006

Asinine Bumper Stickers

One thing I saw while I was in Boise was one of the Boise students had pasted to the bumper of his truck, two stickers that said "Hey Bush Supporter, Embarrassed Yet" and the other "If You Are a Bush Voter, A Yellow Ribbon Won't Make Up For It." I have to say that even if someone is a fellow Shaolin Student, it doesn't make them any less stupid for having something that dumb on their truck.

The whole Democratic Party is invested in defeat, sedition and treason. They have been taken over by the Moonbat-freak wing of their party. Indeed the Democrats openly embrace their wackos while Republicans distance themselves from our wacko wing, which it should. The Republican Party supports America, why can't the Democratic Party?

Their overconfidence will be the utter defeat of them in November. They can't help being stupid. It's in their genes. Only those on the dead end of the gene pool become Democrats.