Eight Drunken Immortals: The Blog

May 26, 2006

China and Art

Wednesday night I had the pleasure to go to the opening reception for the Marylhurst University Senior Student Art Show. Seeing all that fine art got me wanting to get back into making my own art work again. I have a BFA in Printmaking and Painting. I am a decent artist. I have shown in the Art Gym at Marylhurst and I have also shown in the Blackfish Gallery. I plan on putting some of my work online as soon as I can take some digital photos of them and post them.

I have a really good idea for a theme I would like to develop in the next few months. I'm thinking about doing a theme of showing kung fu in abstract and/or realism. I also have the opportunity to go to China next year with members of my Shaolin Kung Fu School. I really want to go. If I can go I want to do a whole series of work based around the trip. I think I want to blog it as well. A chance to go into one of the most repressive countries and tell the truth as I see it would be great. I would love to be able to use Michael Totten's blog as my inspiration. I have some really big plans.

Part of my desire to get a good job right now is to be able to afford the trip. I have a year and I only need to earn around $4000. I'm going to keep you all up to date on how I proceed and if you have any ideas on how I can afford it and on ideas you would like to see me do, I would appreciate it.

I wish I could go to Afghanistan and Iraq and do art there to show here. That would be a really cool idea. Show the people and the troops.