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May 15, 2006

George W. Bush, You better not f**k with us!

I am going to reserve judgement but President Bush's speech tonight is not looking promising. We don't want to hear platitudes, empty promises and other drivel. We demand proper action be done on the borders. We demand a closed border, punishment of employers hiring illegals, deportation of illegals back to Mexico and other issues that would fix our deplorable borders. It mush be done or the American people will do it instead of you.

Here's an idea. If the fed's won't do it, then the states should do it or if they won't do it, then the counties along the border should do it. Seal the border. Arrest illegals trying to cross and then put them in camps. If they are held then they won't try to recross if they are sent back. Put them in tents in the hot, dry Southwest summer and feed them water and Top Ramen. They will never want to come back.