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May 17, 2006

Immigration Debacle

Well it looks like the new immigration proposals put forward by President Bush are not going over very well. The proposals put forward by the Senate are ten times worse though. Yesterday, 18 treasonous RINO's voted to kill a bill that would have made it so that they could have addressed the issues of immigration only after securing the border. So it is more important for these 18 wannabe's to have their new voting block and their new permanent underclass than it is to protect the safety of this country.

Why is there even a border with these clowns in office? I know that there are a few freaks out there who do want totally open borders but these wacko's are not in charge. With these 18 RINO's though, they should be in power. We need to get these 18 out of office. Recall or vote them out next chance we get. I think that the Constitution needs to be changed so that elections for Senate are are held every 2 years with one half of the Senate up for election each time for a total of a Senator serving for a total of 4 years.

Well, it's a good idea but it's never going to happen. Lets just work to get rid of those 18 and lets support the House version of the immigration bill. The House is the place where real immigration reform is taking place. The House bill is the bill that has the Democrats and their lackey's in an uproar. It is the one that they want to kill. They just want talk and no reform. Window dressing.

I was up to 4 am this morning playing video games. I got so involved that I lost track of time. I'm going to bed and get a decent nights sleep.