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May 18, 2006

A Letter to Pope Benedict

It seems that ole Mahmoudie of Iran is writing another letter. This time to Pope Benedict. No one knows what is in the letter since Mahmoudie has not sent it. Like the letter he sent to President Bush, he will also "invite" Pope Benedict, the leader of the largest Religion in the world, to become a Muslim. Dream on, Pig Eater. For somone to go from a real religion to a death cult is stupid. I am still surprised this little sand tick can actually string together two thoughts to make a sentence much less write a letter.

Letter writing by Islamic leaders has a long history. Mohammed, Pig Shit Upon Him, wrote letters to the leaders of Byzantium and Ethiopia before his horde's attacked those countries. Ole Mahmoudie is continuing the tradition. We need to be on the lookout that this greasy sand tick does not attack us. Better yet, attack them now, not later.