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May 11, 2006

Mahmoudie's Letter

The New York Sun has an article today that states that Ole Mahmoudie's letter is actually a declaration of war. It states that if the United States does not surrender to "Islam" then their barbarian hordes will not attack us. I say bring it on, pig f***ers. The Sun says that this letter was basically the same type of letter Mohammed, pig s**t upon him, sent to the leaders of Byzantium, Persia and Ethiopia just before attacking them. I guess Mahmoudie see's himself as another Mohammed, pig s**t upon him. I would think that Mahmoudie might be the Antichrist if I didn't think that Mahmoudie was as dumb as camel s**t.

The Lame Stream Press is all up in arms because another traitorous scumbag leaked more information on the NSA surveillance program. So what. I want someone keeping track if some pig f**ker terrorist is trying to call. This new "outrage" is not even monitoring phone calls, its compiling files of all calls made in the country. It was freely given by the major telephone companies to the federal government in the aftermath of 9/11. I guess the Dim's don't want us safe. Go commit suicide it you want, Dim's, I want someone to help protect me.