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May 02, 2006

May 1 Part 3

Can't write a lot tonight. Putting together my portfolio to turn in, in a few days. Still need to do a little more printing before I can bind them and be done with it.

I did go by the Illegal Alien rally today. I didn't see where they started but I did catch them mid-march as they were walking around downtown. What a bunch of losers. This whole thing was a total bust. I didn't see any businesses closed. Indeed many businesses were doing brisk business, totally unaffected by these creatures shenanigans. For a bunch that were supposed to boycott all businesses today, they sure did a lot of business at the McDonalds where I went for lunch. I even spent a little money at the grocery store and at a copy store. I was going to do my part of support American business.

Here are a few pictures that I took of this bunch:

Notice the moonbat holding the sign questioning 9/11. Now you know what this bunch really believes.
Other asshats among these useless idiots included a few Anarchists (the police totally surrounded them, there were more police than there were anarchists), International ANSWER and their bosses, the IWW. I didn't see any Che signs but that doesn't mean they weren't there. They ended up with a big rally at PSU, just as I was finishing printing the material I needed. I didn't see the rally because I had class to go to and the memory card on my camera was full. I only hope that a few of these creatures find themselves without a job tomorrow. It would serve them right.