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May 08, 2006

Pathetic Democrats

I've been watching the Democrats preening like a bunch of roosters, thinking they have a lock on winning back the House and the Senate in November. Their arrogance is boundless. Raising taxes and increasing spending is the platform they are using to win back control. Impeaching President Bush is the other platform that they want to use. The talking heads in the Lame Stream Media are even calling Nancy Pelosi, Madam Speaker. Ha Ha Ha. Nancy Pelosi is one of the stupidest human beings on this planet.

They make the same mistake every single time. They think the American people are too stupid to know what they want to do if they are allowed back into power again. Has there ever been a more self-absorbed bunch in public life? No there has not been a group this self-absorbed. I guess it makes sense if you take into account that the majority are Baby Boomers and Baby Boomers are a very self-absorbed generation. The world doesn't revolve around them.

I can't wait until November. I can't wait to see them get creamed. The howls of despair will fill my ears. It will be like music.