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May 03, 2006

The Vanguard Publishes Anti-Semitism Justification

I guess everyone is familiar with the so-called paper written by the two professors, Walt and Mearsheimer. I won't go into detail about it; first, because I haven't read it all the way and I don't want to and second, because it's a poorly written, poorly researched piece of crap. Their assertions that United States foreign policy is influenced by Israel and American Jews is bunk. I do have to say that Israel is a great country and that if we listened to Israel more, it would not be a bad idea. I couldn't think of a better country to influence our foreign policy than Israel.

Well, yesterday the PSU Vanguard published an opinion piece by someone named Drew Long supporting the Walt and Mearsheimer paper. This "opinion" is as flawed and as shoddy as the Walt/Mearsheimer paper. US interests are not influenced by Israel. US interests support Israel because of any country in that part of the world, Israel is the only country that comes close to sharing the same values as the United States. You know a liberal has no ground on which to speak when they pull ou the old canard of calling those of us who show this work as the shoddy piece of crap it is as being McCarthyites. Now, Drew Long never mentions McCarthy in the body of the opinion, it is only in the sub-headline, but the Vanguard is a small paper and I'm sure he or she had a hand in writing the headline and sub-headline.

Someone mentioned today, that we should not really give this shoddy, poorly written "opinion" the exposure
but I can't do that. I want Long to know that his or her opinion is pure, unadulterated crap and that you have joined a select company that includes Walt and Mearsheimer, David Duke, Louis Farrakan and many others as being an anti-semite and bigot. I hope you enjoy the company you keep, you all deserve each other.