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May 12, 2006

Who Does the Government Work For, Part 3

Hopeful news on the immigration front. President Bush is scheduled to have a nationwide televised news conference on Monday. I will reserve judgement, but I hope he has finally listened to the American people and will come down hard on protecting our borders, stopping this invasion by these criminals and will come down even harder on those businesses that knowingly hire illegals. I suggest putting a very high wall up, arresting illegals and putting them in jail (don't deport them, they'll just try again) and fining and punishing those criminal businesses that aid and abet them.

President Bush better not go soft on us and still try to say that he want amnesty. Amnesty is dead. We want true immigrants, we don't want these criminals invading our country. As I said before, they need us more than we need them.

Tony Snow is beginning to kick ass as the new White House Press Secretary. Since he started on Monday, he's already started to call the press on the lies, distortion and bs. This press conference on Monday by the President has to be his doing. The press is already whining that the White House is not going to let them get away with their crap anymore. Keep it up, Tony, and give them even more.