Eight Drunken Immortals: The Blog

June 11, 2006

Will Be Back Blogging Full Time (or thereabouts) Tormorrow

I'm still here. I"ve been putting the final touches on my project in Book Marketing and Promotion. Once this project is finished and I've done my presentation before class, I will be done with college forever (or at least until I decide I want to get my Ph.D but that won't be for a while.) There has been so much I've missed during the last week, Zarqawi being sent to pig hell where he will be f****d until he squels, Haditha falling apart on the treasonous scum of the left, Ann Coulter and her new book and other important events. I promise to comment on them and more after tomorrow. Oh, I forgot to mention that I passed my Oral Exam on Wednesday. It was barely but I passed.