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July 31, 2006

There is a God!

I take time off tonight writing about The War Against Islam (and that is what this war is really about. The President and Administration says that it is against Islamic Terrorism but really it is against Islam itself and we need to wake up to this fact or we will regret it forever) to report that word comes down tonight that that rancie old piece of shit Fidel Castro is sick and is hopefully dying. I can only hope that is in a whole lot of pain. This is only right in retribution for all the people who's lives he has destroyed. He has transferred power to his little pipsqueek brother, Raul. Raul, oh Raul, do you hear the sound of your own death coming when your shithead brother bites the big one. Well, all the rest of us do. It will come with you standing with your back against a wall and a whole bunch of bullets saying hello to you. I only wish this is what had happened to Fidel. Once he's dead and Cuba is dead, they can dump his rotten corpse in the ocean for the sharks to feed on. On second thought, even sharks wouldn't feed on his putrid corpse.

I hope the President has every contingency planned for when he does die and we have Cubans from Cuba trying to escape and Cubans from America trying to return. I do hope this is sending little Hugo in Venezuala a message that his time is coming really fast also.

There is a wonderful movie I've heard about called "The Lost City" directed by Andy Garcia that comes out on DVD next week. I wasn't sure I was going to get it but now in light of what is happening, I think I will.