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August 13, 2006

Ha Ha, I got my first hate reply.

I haven't been posting recently because I've been working hard at my new job. It's going really well. Every day I work helps me get that much closer to paying for my trip to Boise in September to take my Black Belt test. Well, I got home from the Down and Ground Fighting and Sparring Strategy festival and lo and behold, there waiting in my email was my first hate reply to a posting I made after I got back my DSL. Woohoo, I've arrived. Thank you, Yasmin, you've made my day.

I won't apologize and I will stand by my words. Wars are not won by being considerate of the feelings of the enemy. We kill them all. If their civilians get in the way, then I'm sorry, they shouldn't have been there in the first place. Only after destroying them and reducing them to abject humiliation, then you impose your will upon them and restore them to a civilized level. We did that with the Germans and Japanese after World War II.

I will restate that our enemy are subhuman savages. Their religion is nothing but a death cult. Are their pathetic lives so empty that they want nothing more to do than die so that it can end their empty souls. Well if it is, then I don't want them anywhere near civilization when they conduct their collective suicide. Let them die in their own lands.

Keep the nice letters coming Yasmin. I welcome them. It just shows that you have nothing to say. This cease fire in Lebanon will not last. Israeli forces should have been let loose to completely destroy the Hibbie's and all those that support and protect them. If the infrastructure of Lebanon had fallen, then so be it. The thing is that Israel is also a civilized Western country. Yes, they should have destroyed the enemy there but once that job was done then like all Western civilized countries, Israel and the United States would have built Lebanon back up. The Hibbie's will not adhere to this so-called cease fire the so-called UN made. When they do break it, then Israel should go in there and do it's job.

I ask what will it take for the West to finally take the gloves off and go after these animals with the forces that are at our disposal, in the war that should be waged, total and unconditional annihilation.

This is finally post 100. Woohoo.