Eight Drunken Immortals: The Blog

September 18, 2006

I got my Black Belt

I went to Boise this weekend for my Black Belt test. I was the only person from Portland Chinese Shao-lin Center to test. We met in the park on Saturday morning. The day started cold and overcast but the sun came out as we were starting testing. Out of maybe 20 people testing, only three of us were double testing from 2nd Brown Belt to 1st Black Belt.

I passed but I feel like I just did okay. I didn't get the score I was hoping for. I knew I screwed up some of the forms I did but I don't know ones. It wasn't the fault of the testing panel, it was mine. I knew I'd screw up someway, somehow. I can't help but feel that they just passed me because they felt sorry for me.

After the testing, there was a black belt demonstration. It was enjoyable. I was kind of feeling sorry for myself but I did enjoy the demonstration. One of the forms demonstrated was Drunken Beggars Bowl and Stick. I saw this demonstrated in Denver and I really want to learn this. I'm glad that it will be the form taught in Boise next year.

After lunch, we went back to the school to learn the form. The form was Dragon Pa Kua. I want to practice it and try to remember it. It wasn't a hard form but it will take a lot of practice to remember.

Sunday we tried to go to the Sawtooth Mountains but forest fires in the area kept us from going. We ended up spending some time in the small town of Idaho City. I bought a nice antique medicine bottle from an antique store. We left Boise this morning and made it back here around 3 pm.

Right now, I'm suffering from a cold, sore throat, monstrous headache and I'm really tired. I'm now going to take some Zicam and go to bed. If I didn't need the hours so badly, I'd skip work tomorrow.