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September 24, 2006

Last Night at the Rose Garden

Last night, I worked a concert at the Rose Garden. The performer was a man named Juan Gabriel. I've never heard of him before last night. To say his music and voice was underwhelming is to not describe it accurately. His backup musicians and his band drowned out his voice every time they got even halfway loud.

Gabriel is a very popular Mexican pop singer. If he is as popular as he is described, then the state of Mexican music is pretty bad. Watching him onstage, I could tell he is so Gay. My Gaydar started giving me major signals.

It's funny that last night, we have a major Mexican performer and tonight we have a major English performer who are both gigantic Queens, Juan Gabriel and Elton John. Is this a gay weekend at the Rose Garden.

Watching the audience which was totally Mexican, I kept thinking where is the INS when you need them. I'm sure they could have rounded up a whole bunch of people if they had wanted to. It's a shame the US Government or the City of Portland or the State of Oregon, will not take do their job. When I walked out of the building, I almost wanted to shout that I was glad to be back in the United States and not in Mexico anymore.

I think the Rose Garden may have hidden the US flag. I looked for where it usually hangs from the rafters and I couldn't see it. I don't know if they deliberately hid it or it was just behind the drapes they hung to close off the 300 level. I did see flags of Mexico. If they want their music so badly, then they should go back to Mexico to listen to it.