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September 11, 2006

More thoughts on Mr. Miller

I've been thinking about Mr. Miller all day.

I wonder what he was thinking about in the moments before the planes hit. Was he thinking that he didn't really want to be at work, that it was just too beautiful a day and he was wanting to go out and enjoy the day. Was he thinking about his family and the coming weekend. Was he thinking about college football games or pro football he was planning on watching on TV.

How can someone even begin to comprehend what was about to happen to him. I hope he is at peace. I know that God is up there. I am sure that Mr. Miller is up there with Him and that one day I can meet Mr. Miller and be his friend, if not in this life, then in the life after death.

I am not good with words. I am frightened that these last two entries could never express what I feel and that I am doing a disservice to Mr. Miller and am dishonoring his memory. Forgive my poor thoughts and writings. I can never adequately give honor to the memory of a good man, Mr. Robert Alan Miller, 46, of Matawan, NJ. May God be with you.