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September 10, 2006

September 11, 2001

Tomorrow is the five year anniversary of 9/11. How can anyone in this country ever forget what they were doing on that horrible day. I remember what I was doing on that morning,

I woke up after sleeping late. I didn't have class that day so I was going to take it easy. I had rented two movies from Movie Madness, Princess Mononoke and Chutney Popcorn. I had stayed up late on Monday to watch Princess Mononoke. It was a good movie. Tuesday, I went directly from my bed to watching Chutney Popcorn. This movie was good also. I had originally seen it when I volunteered to be an usher at Sensory Perceptions, the annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival here in Portland. I later bought a copy for myself but from now on this movie will remind me of that day. I was planning on returning the movies later that afternoon and I wanted to finish watching them before I left. After finishing the movie I remember thinking I wonder what else was on TV. It is strange how changing one channel can change your life. I won't describe what I saw. We've all seen the images. We've all seen the smoke, the fires, the people jumping out of the buildings and ultimately the buildings crashing down and the smoke over lower Manhattan. This entry just tells what I was doing before that day. This is all I wanted to say.