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October 30, 2006

Election in a week

One of the most important elections in this nations history is in a little over a week. The thought that treasonous, cowardly Demoncrats could take over Congress is a thought that is too evil to contemplate. I don't think that it will happen. First I don't think that Democraps are anywhere near in the lead as they think they are, second I don't think that any of these polls that show that Republicans are trailing are correct. I think that no one who really cares even answers these polls because they know that whatever they answer it will be misrepresented. These "polls" are rigged. Third, the American people are not stupid. They realize what we are fighting and they know that the Republican party is the ONLY party that can protect this country from the Islamopignazi's that threaten this country. Soon this country will be the only bastion of civilization left and we must do whatever we have to protect it. The Democrats will not win. They will lose like they always do and I will love every minute of it, watching them collapse in pain and despair.