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November 10, 2006

Enough (with updates)

Enough is enough. Yes, I know my Masters of Science Degree is in Writing but my emphasis was in Book Publishing not in Creative Writing. I have never claimed to be a writer. I know what my limitations are and writing is just not a skill that I possess. I love to read. I have hundreds of books, ranging from science fiction (a lot of those) to mysteries to history and so on, but the thought of writing one myself is just beyond me. My interests in Publishing has never been editing or writing. I want to be a Designer or even go into Bookselling. One of my dream jobs is to work in or operate a bookstore. I think I would enjoy being a Buyer for some bookstore somewhere. At least I'd get a chance to get all the free Readers Copies the publishing houses send to Buyers.

Also, how many other famous writers out there make mistakes. I would love to see an unedited manuscript by some famous writer. Even the best make mistakes, full of grammatical errors, poor word choice, run on sentences and poor sentence structure.

Update: You know, I was wrong about fussing at you for telling me about another mistake I made in my spelling and grammar in a past post. I'm keeping what I just wrote up so that I can show I'm not trying to hide anything as others accuse me of. Thank you Alek for pointing out my goof. Once you showed me, I spotted what I did wrong, right away. Please help keep me honest. I take what you said in the spirit of a stern but honest teacher pointing out what I did wrong in the hope that I will learn from my mistake and that it only make me a better writer and blogger. Enough is not enough. Thank you.