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December 06, 2006

Iraq Surrender Group

The Iraq Study Group released its report today. As expected it is nothing but a recipe for defeat and appeasement. If the people in control of this country were in control of the United States during World War Two, we would be putting together a Gaudalcanal Study Group and be making recommendations to withdraw from the South Pacific and to begin talks with Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.

My support for the President is fading very fast. I'm not even sure he even cares if we win this war anymore. The things this group recommends do nothing but give aid and comfort to our enemies. James Baker should be held up, like Jimmy Carter, as a total incompetent and he will do anything to hurt this country and appease our enemies.

I am scared that Western Civilization is on the very verge of falling and that we will find ourselves in a new Dark Age that will make the Dark Ages look like the Renaissance. Every person who lives wants when they die that the world they leave behind will be a better place than we they entered it, but I'm not so sure this will happen. I think things have never looked so bleak as they are now.