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December 03, 2006

Reading and playing

I finished reading "The Last Command" by Timothy Zahn some time ago. I then read another Star Wars novelization but I'm now reading "World War Z" by Max Brooks. Brooks is the son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft. I got this book as an Advanced Readers Copy from work. I've been enjoying it very much. The book tells the personal stories of some of the survivors of a world wide Zombie War. The "invasion" catches the world totally unaware, the loss of life and devestation is horrible, and comes close to overwhelming us all and thereby causing the extinction of the human race. I highly recommend this book. I haven't been able to put it down.

I love Zombie movies. I love "Night of the Living Dead" (the original) and I like the new version of "Dawn of the Dead" but my all time favorite Zombie movie is "Shaun of the Dead." There's also a very good and very funny X-Box game out that I like called "Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse."

I am playing "Kingdom Hearts" right now. Its a fun game. Playing a game with two of the main characters being Goofy and Donald Duck you'd think it would be a kid's game. It's not. I would love to get the sequel, "Kingdom Hearts II," and I hope that after paying some bills on Thursday I might have enough left over to get it. The game I am planning on buying on Thursday is "Star Trek: Legacies." This is a game that I'm looking forward to playing. I'll let you know how it is later.