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December 03, 2006

Venezualan election

Today Venezuala is holding elections. Little Hugo is up for re-election. I've been paying close attention to this election, first because I want to see Little Hugo get his ass kicked and the real people of Venezuala sent this pathetic little tyrant wannabe packing, hopefully up against a brick wall with a firing squad waiting to give him a little present, and second because I've been to Venezuala and I really liked what I saw. I have always planned to go back and see more of the country but I will not visit as long as Little Hugo is in power.

This worthless little shit has ruined a great country. I'm sure he's going to cheat and will claim victory even if he has not won it. This is always the case with tyrants of his ilk.
I wonder if Jimmuh Carter is there "monitoring" this election. If he is there, then you know he will declare Little Hugo the winner. There is not a tin pot, tin horn dictator on this planet that Carter doesn't like. He was the worst President in American history and now he's the worst ex-President in American history. When he passes I hope no one mourns him. Let him be forgotten like he should have a long time ago.